From Flab to Fab

On April 9th I decided to start a 30 day ab challenge. I was currently doing abs at the gym but only about 3 times a week (maybe). This ab challenge was an every day commitment.  I’m talking Saturday and Sunday every day commitment. The thought of doing abs on Saturdays and Sundays was almost laughable but I wanted to commit to this for y’all! I wanted to try something out for 30 days and be able to say “hey this was awesome” or “hey this was a waste of time.”

The workouts started out simple. The first week the most abs I did was 30 reps. Now for me I had previously been doing abs so I was like alright this is no big deal. As the days go on you progress and eventually, at the end, you end up doing between 80-110 reps a day. Which, until now, I haven’t done the math so that number is really shocking.

Let me say that I did not do them every day. There was about three different days where I had to double up and do two days in one day which was HARD and not worth skipping! If I’m being honest I did drabs (drunk abs) after a night out in Fort Worth. I was doing abs in bed at 9:00 at night because I’d forget, I was doing abs in my classroom with my kids, I was doing abs everywhere! I did eventually set an alarm at 8:00PM to remind me to do them. Most of the time I would just include it into my workout in the morning.

Today I ended my 30 day ab challenge and I can say that it was worth it.


I can definitely tell a difference. I have lost 3 more pounds in between pictures and I am not sure if its credited towards the ab challenge or the stomach bug I had for two days! But either way, I know for sure that I am a lot more toned in my abs and at least (almost) have a 4 pack.

I plan on starting this challenge again so those of you that want to join message me your number and we can do it together! I will send out reminders daily to keep you on track.

Above is the challenge you can take a screenshot or I can send you a copy! You can print it out and check off your abs when you do them! It also has extra cups of water you are supposed to drink. I linked the blog where I got the ab challenge from! 30 Day Ab Challenge

That’s all the pie I can slice.


P.S. Starting next week, Slice of Blythe will become bi-weekly through the summer! Next post will be May 23rd and it’s all about about surviving boating outings and the summer holidays!

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. -Proverbs 17:22

Shout out to my East Elementary ladies who joined me in the challenge! Y’all are the real MVP’s!

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